How To Set Up Apple Pay On The iPhone 11


Did you know that over 17 million people in the United Kingdom have registered for mobile payment services, according to a UK Payment Market 2021 report.

Here’s how you can set up Apple Pay on your iPhone 11

Apple Pay, which is accepted by millions of retailers, is a simple, fast and safe method of paying for items in-store, online, or in apps. Your wallet is integrated into your iPhone 11 and will continue to earn all of the rewards and benefits associated with using your card; with that being said, the wallet is designed with privacy and security in mind and will not retain any transactional information such as card numbers or pins, so you can rest assured that your money is secure.

Your device must be compatible and run on the most recent operating system, which means it must be an iPhone 7 or higher. Additionally, you should verify that your card is eligible.

Before you begin, ensure that you've signed into your iCloud account and configured your Touch or Face ID.

  • Open the wallet app 
  • Tap the + in the top right hand corner  
  • Select Debit or Credit Card and continue
  • Scan your debit or credit card or enter details manually 
  • Verify the details making sure the expiry date, name and CCV number is correct then press next
  • Read the terms and conditions and agree
  • You will be prompted to verify your card via text or email
  • Enter the code sent by Apple 

Once you have confirmed all the steps you’re now ready to start using Apply Pay!