Who are Ecologi? 

We understand the importance of prioritising carbon offsets, which is why we've teamed up with Ecologi to help us on our journey to becoming climate positive!

Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi are a social-enterprise dedicated to assisting individuals and organisations in confronting the climate problem. Ecologi believe that bringing nature back to our planet is critical, and that restoring forests can assist in reversing species extinction, combat climate change, and improve human health and well-being.

Ecologi are committed to reforestation, planting ecologically sustainable trees in the appropriate locations, collaborating with local communities, and ensuring that trees are protected from external threats (both natural and man-made) in order for them to survive and thrive, helping support biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Reforestation is a critical technique for addressing the climate issue, particularly in tropical forests, which have been severely degraded, fragmented, and depleted of biodiversity. They once accounted for 13% of the world's landmass but now account for just 5%. By nurturing and planting seedlings, reforestation attempts to restore former forest cover.

Why we’ve partnered with Ecologi?

We all know that planting trees is a fantastic approach to contribute to the planet's restoration. However, while using tree planting as a climate solution, we must take precautions to ensure that the work is done correctly. That’s why we have teamed up with Ecologi.

As Ecologi are market leaders in the fight against carbon emissions, they are dedicated to planting trees to help reduce carbon emissions, re-introduce lost habitats, stabilise soil, purify air and water supplies, and generate revenue for local communities! They assure that all trees funded through their platform are the most beloved trees that have ever grown by employing forest guards to monitor the area, and involve the local community with the forest through the employment of local villagers to plant and care for the trees.

That, my friends, is responsible reforestation.


That’s why, when you make a purchase from Swycha, we promise to support Ecologi’s mission and plant a minimum of 5 Mangrove trees in Madagascar for every order generated on our website. 

Check out our forest here. 🌲

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is an island located off the coast of East Africa and is the world's second largest island country, behind Indonesia. The country is a biodiversity hotspot, with more than 90% of its animals found nowhere else on the planet.

Vast areas of Madagascar's native forest have been destroyed in recent years, displacing entire animal species and impairing local people's ability to farm and survive off the land. Entire mangrove estuaries have also been destroyed, exposing the naked ground to the sea.


Why Mangrove Trees?

Mangroves "sequester carbon at a rate two to four times that of mature tropical forests," and have the "highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems," according to scientific studies. Mangroves are also an essential element of coastal eco systems, known for a variety of eco system services, including fisheries and fibre production, sediment management, and storm/tsunami protection. 

The key to mangroves is their enormous root system, which stores a considerable quantity of biomass underground. These roots provide support for the huge trees that thrive in the muddy coastal locations where mangroves flourish. To this purpose, a significant portion of the trees financed thus far have been mangroves.


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