Hey 👋  we’re SWYCHA! We’re doing ‘our bit’ for the environment by helping you reduce your carbon footprint AND save money on your smartphones, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to live more consciously and enjoy good deals at the same time.

We understand how much you love your phone which is why every device visits our friends at Phonecheck for a comprehensive once over before it leaves us. Whether you’re in need of an improved camera for the next TikTok trend 👯️, snapping away at family events and holidays 🏖️ , or gifting your child their very first phone 🎁, each device visits our friends at Phonecheck to fulfil our 6-Point Promise to you.

Handset Quality

Some say quality over quantity. We say quality and quantity are equally important.

We’re not going to sell you a phone that we wouldn’t expect to use ourselves, so it will always be in tip-top shape, works like a dream and is unlocked to use on any network. Plus, it’s also gone through the rigorous 90-point testing phase with Phonecheck so if it doesn’t pass that, it’s not even going anywhere near you! 

Just for your own peace of mind, we also verify each handset against lost or stolen databases. The memory is completely wiped of all personal data and the battery is in ‘as new’ condition before it goes online. 

Our Promise 🤞

The universal rule of thumb, never break a promise. Especially not a 6-pointer! 

This is our promise to you, that we have loved and raised your SWYCHA smartphone as if it was one of our own, and we will do the same for you. 

Here’s a quick breakdown for you… 

  • 90 point inspection process - each phone has to pass all 90-points with our pals at Phonecheck, to make sure it’s in working order for you ✔️
  • We guarantee all of our smartphones will have 80% or more battery capacity 🔋 so no more running to find a charger when your phone dies, mid-Whatsapp chat on 30%!
  • Free next-day delivery on all our phones (subject to conditions), because we live in a time where online orders placed today should be at our house tomorrow (thank you DPD!).
  • 21 Day, no quibble, money-back guarantee. So if you don’t feel like your SWYCHA phone is in its forever home 🏠  you can send it right back to us.
  • 12-Month Swycha comprehensive warranty on all of our smartphones - check out our Warranty page to see what you’re covered for. Not to brag, but we think you’re going to like it!
  • First-class customer service, with our informative team who are always on hand to help answer any of your questions

Who are Phonecheck?

Phonecheck is an industry-standard software solution that puts each phone through its 90-point inspection process. Our friends over there are known for the software’s accuracy, which helps us identify and fix any potential issues during the refurbishment process. 

Find out more about Phonecheck

Feel the need to know more? We’re an open book. Check out our FAQs.

If they still don’t answer your questions, drop us a message via our Contact us page.