Did you know that a damaged display is dangerous for the environment if the toxic compounds, rare soils, and metals it contains end up in a landfill?

This is why we've partnered with PanzerGlass to ensure that our refurbished devices last as long as possible. The PanzerGlass UPCYCLE case and screen protector function as an airbag for mobile devices; if you and your phone have a minor accident, don't worry; simply recycle your screen protector and replace it with a new one; there will be no damage to the phone!

"We’re in business to protect, both screens and the planet.”
- PanzerGlass 


UPCYCLE by PanzerGlass was created specifically for refurbished handsets, contributing to the circular economy and enabling multiple ownerships over the handset's life.

PanzerGlass Standard Fit

The PanzerGlass standard fit screen protector provides your phone with robust yet non - intrusive protection. The screen protector functions as a discrete airbag, the tempered glass absorbs impact and provides superior scratch resistance. Not only does the anti-fingerprint coating help keep your device clean, but it has also been shown to kill up to 99.99 percent of common surface bacteria.

PanzerGlass Biodegradable Case 

This is an ultra-thin and stylish case made entirely of compostable materials. With a sleek black design, this case is made from biodegradable plastics and is compatible with your wireless charger!

Benefits of using PanzerGlass

  • Extend the life of handsets
  • Contributes to the circular economy
  • Protects the planet
  • Scratch and shock resistant
  • Crystal clear
  • Shock resistant