Swycha Phone Condition

We’re not going to sell you a phone that we wouldn’t expect to use ourselves, so it will always be tested to work like a dream, no matter what grade and be unlocked to use on any network with a 12-month warranty & 21-day money-back guarantee!


Quality: Like New
Condition: The phone has no signs of wear – it looks as good as new. The phone is unlocked, fully tested and works like new.

  • Screen is like new
  • Camera in full working order
  • Battery capacity minimum 80%
  • Side buttons have no signs of wear
  • Back and casing have no signs of wear

Each one of our handsets goes through a rigorous 90-point diagnostic test with Phonecheck, plus another 18-point physical check on the cosmetic condition of the phone. To ensure the handset grading is accurate, we use an independent company to review each handset's physical appearance by hand to ensure the quality is in line with it's grade and promise the below is met as a minimum requirement: