12-month Swycha Warranty​

We’ll stay by your side for the next 12-months, ensuring the below factors are all covered:

  1. We’ll repair the device if it does not work as expected
  2. If we’re unable to repair the device, we’ll provide you with suitable replacement
  3. We’ll provide you with 1st class support with troubleshooting your device

Take a look at our warranty

Phone Condition

We’re not going to sell you a phone that we wouldn’t expect to use ourselves, so it will always be in tip-top shape, work like a dream and be unlocked to use on any network. Unlike other resellers, we don’t sell different grades as all our handsets are in excellent condition, plus, It will have gone through the rigorous 90-point testing phase with Phonecheck, so, if it doesn’t pass that, it’s not even going anywhere near you!

What is Phonecheck